Problems receiving our quarterly issue release emails? Here’s what to do

SUBSCRIBERS: Since we need to contact all subscribers simultaneously to let them know about issue releases (and renewals), we must use an email service such as iContact.  It has several tracking devices embedded so occasionally an e-mail’s filter assumes it is spam and the email is bounced (which means it won’t even make it into your spam/junk folders – it is bounced from by email provider completely.).  Since it is the only way we can reach our subscribers (normal email providers like Outlook, Gmail, etc. don’t allow a huge quantity of emails to be sent simultaneously), below I will include the IP address you can whitelist* on your browser to be sure you can get our emails.

So if you are NOT receiving our quarterly issue release emails, please whitelist* the following domains:, and  We send four issue release emails around the middle of January, April, June and October.  The issue release schedule is posted on our website and kept current under Member Login/Info > Issue Release Schedule – even updated each day the week before the issue release).

Also, apparently gmail introduced some filters and our emails may be sent to your “promotions” tab so please be sure to be aware and drag them into your “primary” inbox.

So you know, there is nothing we can do on our end so you will receive the emails.

*Adding an email address to your whitelist allows them to pass easily through your spam or junk folder.  You can do a web search on “how to whitelist a domain” for your email carrier or ask your computer technician if you need assistance.  If you are already receiving our issue release emails, there is nothing you need to do.



The following may help direct you to instructions for your own e-mail provider:

If you use Gmail: click here

If you use Outlook: click here

If you use Yahoo: click here

If you use iCloud: click here

If you use AOL: click here

If you use Protonmail: click here

If you use Zoho Mail: click here

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