Burghound Database Mobile Access

Current subscribers may access the Burghound Database on their smartphones or any other wi-fi enabled device. It was created with responsive design and works well on any size display.

REMEMBER: you must log out of the database in order to log in again on a different device because you can only be logged on to one device at a time. If you forget to log out, you will be locked out of all devices until there has been 1 hour of inactivity. This was designed since access is only for the subscriber and a single account may not be shared. If someone is logged in to your account, you may be locked out indefinitely and/or have your access interrupted.

To access the Wine Database, just go to www.burghound.com and in the navigation bar select Member Info/Login > To Database. You can bookmark the Database on any device. You can store your password as permitted through various browsers – each one handles password storage differently.

IMPORTANT: If you are on a mobile or other small wi-fi enabled device and are traveling, if you have intermittent wi-fi, or lose your internet connection, you will be dropped from the Database without the option of logging out. It is best to ensure you have a good signal that will not be interrupted before accessing the Database.

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