Burghound Mobile Edition (BME) for smartphones

Current subscribers may access the Burghound database on their smartphones through our Mobile Edition. We created this to help you out if you are at a restaurant or in a retail shop. We have added a handy “drink now” button to the mobile edition since we assume you may need to make a “buy now/drink now” decision! This will make it easy for you to search through the more than 50,000 wine reviews on your smartphones.

It is important to note that going to www.burghound.com on your smartphone WILL NOT TAKE YOU TO THE MOBILE EDITION. Read on for the correct link please.

Subscribers have written that our Mobile Edition has worked on all smartphones with the exception of the Torch. Due to a design error by Blackberry, the Torch is only set up for user names of 20 or fewer characters so if you email address/user name is longer than 20 characters you will not be able to access the database. Of course if you have a shorter email we can change your email address/user name if you like.

The Blackberries best suited for the Burghound Mobile Edition (BME) are any of the touchscreen models. For iPads and Samsung Tabs, with their large screens, we recommend you use the regular site/database as more information is available; however, see below for important informtion on the Tab when using BME *.

We have put together a short little video on how to use it on the iPhone, Pearl or Storm. We strongly suggest you watch the video that applies to your own phone to get the most out of BME. (I know we’re all in a hurry these days, but nearly every question I received from the test sample is answered by these videos.)

Some Safari versions make it difficult to store the information, so be sure to watch the video for iPhone as your sign-in will be different than what is written below…you will NOT go to http://bhdb.me!

Please watch BOTH of these videos for the iPhone. The first one will teach you how to sign in (again, you do NOT go to www.burghound.com) and how to use the features on an iPhone.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=35DoV4JRo5s

Then, once you are logged in and have saved it as a bookmark and icon on your iPhone, then this second video will show you how you need to store your user name and password on the iPhone so you don’t have to enter each time:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h02PoBJO1eU

Watch this video for the BlackBerry Pearl

Watch this video for the BlackBerry Storm

If you are not an iPhone user, to go directly to the mobile edition on your smartphone (DO NOT GO to www.burghound.com but go directly to the mobile edition). You can enter your user name and password and then bookmark http://bhdb.me/ (note NOT www.). We are considering some changes/updates to our search engine/database in 2011, and if so this will also enhance Burghound Mobile so stay tuned.

screen image of mobile phone

Above, note the mobile “drinkable now” button to help you with on-the-spot wine purchases/selections at a retail shop or restaurant.

Below, the natural progression – enter a producer and wine; in screen two you have several reviews to choose from; in screen three you get the review in a format that is easy to read on a smartphone.

screen image of mobile phone screen image of mobile phone screen image of mobile phone

* If you have a Samsung Galaxy Tab and are using the BME, you may have gotten an error message about having too many windows open. This happens because the standard Android browser has a limit of eight (8) windows open at once. On BME, each note is opened in a new window on platforms that can do this. This allows you to keep that note, and search for or look at other notes, then easily come back to one or more you've saved. However, this also means you need to delete windows you are no longer interested in. See the pictures below for step-by-step instructions to resolve this issue.

screen image of mobile phone

Here is the error message you may see:

screen image of mobile phone

This is the menu item that manages windows on the Samsung. Tap and you’ll see the window that follows. (This screen also allows you to switch between different open windows)

screen image of mobile phone

The X allows you to delete unused windows.